Must adjust to rapidly changing scene

I REFER to a letter headlined, 'Why change?' (South China Morning Post, October 15).

Regarding the change in the minimum entrance requirements for the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, I would like to clarify a few points: The fact quoted in the letter is incorrect. The change in minimum entrance requirements is a reduction of three A-Level subjects to two A-Level subjects for four study programmes in the faculty, not what was said in the letter.

The change in minimum entrance requirements would only enable more students to be considered for admission to the faculty and hence would not be detrimental to students studying three A-Level subjects.

There is no reason why it should 'anger' students studying three A-Levels because the third A-Level would also be counted in the selection process.

In addition, it only applies to students in four study programmes in the faculty, namely: B. Eng. in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering (environmental programme) and industrial automation.

The Faculty of Engineering reviewed its minimum entrance requirements on completion of the 1994 admissions exercise in the summer in the light of this year's experience. The change in the requirements was proposed by the Faculty Admissions Committee during the review and endorsed by the University Admissions Committee in September. Since the change would enable more students to be considered for admission, the university decided to make the change effective from the 1995 admission exercise and to announce it immediately, instead of deferring it to the 1996 exercise.

The tertiary education scene in Hong Kong is changing rapidly, with new courses introduced every year in different universities and polytechnics.

The University of Hong Kong monitors its study programmes closely and adjusts, whenever necessary, its minimum entrance requirements to reflect the development.

H.W.K. WAI Deputy Registrar (Academic) The University of Hong Kong