Informant defends honour

ICAC informant Henfrey Tin Sau-kwong has complained about legislators labelling him a shifty and unreliable witness.

In a letter to the Legislative Council Security Panel chairman Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee, Mr Tin, at the centre of the hearing into the sacking of Alex Tsui Ka-kit, questioned how the panel drew such a conclusion.

'As representatives of the people, do you, Honourable Members, think it is fair to me and my family to criticise me in such an arbitrary and scathing manner?' In its report on the sacking of Mr Tsui, the Independent Commission Against Corruption former deputy director, the panel said Mr Tin was a 'shifty and unreliable witness'.

Given 'Mr Tin's shady activities and associations', the panel was surprised Mr Tsui considered him a friend and an honest businessman, the report said.

Mr Tin said he was being treated like a criminal on trial when he gave evidence in the Legislative Council a few months ago.

'I can conscientiously say that within the two hours when I gave evidence, I never told any lies or said anything to offend your Council's prestige. ' According to the Legislative Council (Power and Privilege) Ordinance, the report has the same privileged status as a parliamentary report and cannot be submitted as evidence in court.