Giving up the booty

IT'S a good job Fringe Club general manager Benny Chia isn't too heavily into materialism. If he were, he might be a little put out at losing what has to be one of the most expensive parking spaces in Hong Kong.

Up until recently, Benny used to back his Saab into the foyer of the Lower Albert Road Club. With prime office space in Central going for $15,000 to $20,000 per square foot, that represented a highly expensive slab of land on which to drip oil.

Some even got a little touchy about the arrangement, leading the Fringe to point out that Chia did have to come all the way from the New Territories every day, which meant he had to drive, and also that the club didn't officially open until 5 pm.

But if ever confirmation was needed that the man himself wasn't after a good thing on the cheap, he recently proposed a re-development of the club which will see a new gallery added to the front, thus removing his parking space. Corporate sponsorship is still lacking, however. Following the Fringe's lead in establishing the Nestle Dairy Farm Theatre and the Heineken Gallery, perhaps the new space can be referred to as the Saab Salon.