Little do with human rights

I WOULD like to reply to Miss Rebecca T. Santos's comments (South China Morning Post, October 20) on a picture in your paper, of a Pakistani woman picking corn. Miss Santos felt aggrieved that Muslim women, like so many other women, have to cover their form.

However, the reason for Muslim women doing this, has little to do with human rights and feminine equality, but a lot to do with the 'lustful' gazes of man. Maybe Miss Santos would have liked to have seen a large bare breasted cotton picker. I wonder what her view on human rights would have been had this been the case.

Our great prophet Mohammed told us that the only parts of a woman that should be unveiled are her hands and her face. It is asking little for a woman to be modest. And as far as human rights on the matter of fashion are concerned, I think this is more a problem for Moschino then a poor woman cotton picker.