Pui Ying's nurturing helps all

Benson Chao

Pui Ying Secondary School 55 Wah Fu Road, Wah Fu Estate, Hong Kong.

THE spirit of Christianity which fosters a loving and nurturing relationship between the teaching staff and students of Pui Ying Secondary School, spares any serious discipline problems, principal Wong Chun-chung said.

Mr Wong, who has been the school principal for 10 years, said that the caring relationship between teachers and students helped both the school and the students to develop.

'In lunch hour and recess you can see students approaching teachers not only for homework problems but also for heart-to-heart chats. We furnished the staff room with two big couches so that students would feel more at home when chatting with teachers.' Mr Wong stressed that students were not forcibly instilled with Christianity, rather, they were welcome to join the fellowship gatherings.

One of the educational goals of the school was to build a strong ethic foundation for junior students while academic emphasis was put on seniors, Mr Wong said.

'I believe that students in Forms One to Three should be taught with appropriate discipline guidance. When such a foundation is built, they would be good and reliable students in higher forms. This formation works for the school.' The second goal was to gauge students' ability and give them learning assistance accordingly. 'We call it school-based remedial support programmes. Students who need extra attention and help in learning will receive less homework and more teacher attention.' The school's new campus in Wah Fu Estate was opened in 1991 and is equipped with modern facilities. The most impressive are the sporting facilities including the 25 metre ? 10 m swimming pool and a tiled gymnasium mainly used for volleyball.

These facilities have contributed to the school's strength in both swimming and volleyball.

The men's volleyball team has won the Jing Ying volleyball championship among schools in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories consecutively from 1985 to 1992.

Coach Po Wai-ming, a second-degree international volleyball coach, revealed that the secret of their success was building up strong basic skills. Players would then improve along the way.

'I organise friendly matches between our team and teams of firemen and police so that when our team plays with secondary school teams, they will be well prepared.' FACT FILE BACKGROUND The school was founded in 1879 and is owned by the Church of Christ in China Hong Kong Council.

DESCRIPTION IT is a co-educational secondary school. There are 1,480 students in secondary grades and 180 in senior forms. The staff comprises 77 full-time teachers, five part-time teachers and 29 auxiliary staff.

PRINCIPAL The principal is Mr Wong Chun-chung, who holds Bsc and MA (Ed) degrees and a diploma in education. He has 20 years' teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught in both Chinese and English.

ACTIVITIES The school offers a wide range of activities through its 42 clubs and societies such as volleyball, basketball, Maths, Chinese, English and art.

RECREATION Recreational facilities include a music room, a swimming pool, a gymnasium and an assembly hall.

FACILITIES The school has 40 classrooms and 20 special rooms, including four remedial teaching rooms and six science laboratories. Field trips are organised for science and geography.

SCHOLARSHIPS Over 100 scholarships are offered.

PREFECTS A team of 80 prefects is headed by But Yat-ping and Chan Suk-man.