Code will speed up access to data

THE Government will be required to provide information within eight to 10 days after a request is made, according to a new code.

The administrative guidelines on greater access to information would be introduced to all government branches and departments, Secretary for Home Affairs Michael Suen Ming-yeung told a Legislative Council panel yesterday.

Failure to comply to the limit would require explanation from the body concerned.

The code outlines how people can get information held by the Government.

Mr Suen said it would also list 14 confidential areas of information which would therefore be out of the public glare.

Departments and branches were committed under the code to publishing explanatory material on their roles and functions and the types of information made available to the public.


Mr Suen said the Government had no intention of applying similar measures to the 300-odd advisory boards and committees to make them more open.

At present, advisory boards and committees, such as the Housing Authority, Hospital Authority and the Transport Advisory Committee, have reserved their rights on information disclosure.