Grab chance to save dolphins

I READ with great interest and sadness of the plight of the baiji dolphins in the Yangtze River (Sunday Morning Post Magazine, October 23).

At first glance the article seemed to be a sequel to others highlighting the decline of mammalian species in Asia as a result of the region's rapid development, the sort of report that I am sure everyone reads, sighs over, and says: 'But what can I do about it?' It is often difficult to see a solution to worthy conservation causes when special interests are stacked against them and governments turn a blind eye.

However, in the case of the baiji dolphins, not only is the Government of China lending full support to their rescue but the whole project can be successfully carried out at a relatively low cost.

As a part of the financial machine responsible for channelling funds for investment into China and the region, I am aware of both the need for economic development as well as the environmental costs that can go with it.

While there are bound to be sacrifices that have to be made for progress, there is no need to ignore all cries for help on the assumption that they in some way compromise the ability to do business.

Certainly, when we can make a difference, we should. And with that I look forward to making my donation to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation and this worthwhile cause. PAUL G. F. PARSONS Mid-Levels