Clint's French affair

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 November, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 November, 1994, 12:00am

CLINT Eastwood is not feeling himself in Tightrope (Pearl, 9.30pm). He swaps his usual honest-cop-with-big-gun persona for a seedier one. This is not the Clint we have come to know and love; he performs some mild bondage with Genevieve Bujold, something Dirty Harry would not approve of.

Eastwood plays Wes Black, a New Orleans homicide detective who is tracking down a sex-killer through the city's famed French Quarter. Black has problems of his own; he is divorced, has two young daughters to support and is slowly but surely finding he is, how to put it, interested by certain details of the case he is working on.

When he meets Bujold, director of the New Orleans Rape Centre, his interest in her - and hers in him - becomes more than professional.

Tightrope is a low-life, low-lit thriller punctuated by long moments of tedium. But Eastwood and Bujold are good at what they do, even if much of what they do is hard to stomach.

Charles Bronson, another actor judged by the size of his gun, gets top billing in the made-for-television drama Raid On Entebbe (World, 9.35pm), based on the real hijacking in Uganda in 1976. But it is Peter Finch who steals the show. It was his last show, but he garnered an Emmy nomination for it.

Two other films were made about events at Entebbe, Victory At Entebbe and Operation Thunderbolt, but this is marginally the best.

WORLD has breathed life back into Full House (7.05pm) and Step By Step (7.30pm), two comedies that have been knocking around for a while and which are both low on laughs.

Bob Saget, host of America's Funniest Home Videos, stars in Full House, which should be enough to send you running for the off-button. He plays widower Danny Winchester, who asks brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos), a womanising guitarist, to be his home help.

Step By Step aired on World earlier this year and was quietly removed. It has probably not improved with age, but for the record stars Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing from Dallas) as a widower with children who falls in love with a widow with children and suddenly finds there are a lot of children around.

DERECK and Beverly Joubert are two of that strange breed who spend their time following wild animals about so they can make documentaries for National Geographic Special (World, 8.35pm). For this episode, The Lions Of Darkness, they spent three years in the Savuti region of Botswana with three lions, watching them do everything from feeding to fornicating. The result is an intriguing chronicle of the lion's fight for survival. The Jouberts won an Emmy for their trouble.

THE Swiss Water Tower Band is the most famous thing to come out of Switzerland since Heidi. The band members play traditional Swiss music using ceramic bowls and a three-metre horn. In Eye On Hong Kong (Pearl, 7.15pm) Fiona Carver meets them. Flora Chan previews the opening of the world's largest footwear museum in Toronto next year, Gloria Wu investigates Australian Art and Danny Fung meets Ryuchi Sakamoto, sometime actor and composer of music for films such as The Last Emperor.

IN The X-Files (Pearl, 8.30pm) a former astronaut is possessed by an alien spirit and Mulder (David Duchnovy) can do little to exorcise it. In that other worldly drama, Thirtysomething (World, 2.25am), Melissa (Melanie Mayron) looks back over all the men she has known. Will she ever meet Mr Right? THERE are three reports in 60 Minutes Plus (Pearl, midnight), one of which casts doubt on the claim that a Florida dentist infected six patients with the HIV virus. The Commandant investigates a Polish Jew who ran a concentration camp during World War II and Less Than A Miracle looks at a new method being used to overcome the silence of autistic children.