Two drivers killed

TWO drivers were killed in a spectacular crash involving five vehicles - including a packed double-decker bus - on the Tuen Mun Highway last night.

The accident occurred near the Siu Lam Bridge at about 7.45 pm, when a car driven by a 22-year-old man crashed into a road divider and knocked down a lamp post.

The car then shot across the road and somersaulted into a car travelling in the opposite direction, trapping its driver, Cheng Kin-wong, 23, who later died in hospital.

The driver of the first car managed to crawl from his overturned vehicle with injuries to his head and arms. He was also admitted to hospital.

Meanwhile, the falling lamp post struck the top of a passing van and then the bus. The van driver was dead on arrival at hospital, but none of the bus passengers was injured.

A cleansing company van following behind had to swerve violently to avoid a collision but none of the six occupants was hurt.

The smashed vehicles blocked the New Territories-bound lanes and brought traffic to a standstill until police cleared the road.