Conductor's wife sued over adultery claim

A MUSICIAN with the Sha Tin Chinese Orchestra is suing the conductor's wife for slander over allegations of adultery.

Woo Suk-king says Lillian Lam Lee Yuet-ha has caused her 'considerable distress and embarrassment' by repeatedly accusing her in public of having an affair with her husband Lam Chung-lit.

In a writ filed at the Supreme Court yesterday, Ms Woo said Mrs Lam had made 'false and malicious' claims since the beginning of the year.

Ms Woo, who has been learning the pipa, a Chinese lute, with Mr Lam for five years, is claiming damages for slander. She is also asking for an injunction to prevent Mrs Lam repeating the remarks.

The musician claims Mrs Lam made the false allegations using unpleasant language in phone calls to two music teachers.

She also says Mrs Lam made similar accusations to her in a call to her home in Kowloon Tong.

On one occasion she claims Mrs Lam abused her when she and Mr Lam arrived at his music school in Yau Ma Tei for a lesson.

Ms Woo says in August Mrs Lam made the same accusations in front of passers-by at an MTR station.

According to the writ, Mrs Lam continued abusing her on the way to the music school where she repeated the allegations in front of Mrs Lam's husband and their six-year-old daughter.

When Ms Woo denied the accusations Mrs Lam lashed out at her. She was bound over for 12 months in the sum of $500 on August 16, this year, after pleading guilty to assault.

Ms Woo claims her character and reputation have been 'grievously injured' and she has been made the subject of 'public scandal'.

among friends, staff and members of the orchestra.