Students must see sex videos

I REFER to the article about the showing of sexually explicit videos to fourth-year medical students on the medical sexology course at Hong Kong University (Sunday Morning Post, November 20).

The students are subsidised by the Government to study a curriculum in which the structure, functions and diseases of the mind and body are explained in detail, after which they will be expected to manage any disorders their patients present.

Deviant sexual behaviour, undoubtedly, should be part of the curriculum and I would be most surprised if they were not given instruction on the subject.

Therefore, medical students should not be subject to the restrictions stipulated by the Obscene Publications Ordinance.

It is absurd for legislators who are not medically trained to comment on the suitability of such videos for medical students.

Perhaps if they were told these students were required to study books with pictures which even pornographic magazines dared not publish, they would prohibit them from studying anatomy or gynaecology.

Voters should next time elect people who can refrain from commenting on topics they do not understand.

Y. K. LEUNG Yau Ma Tei