Asian Twist

David Sutton

Asian Twist
Shop 2017, IFC Mall
Hong Kong
Tel 3152 3951

Grub: Malaysian/Singaporean

Vibe: This is a typical mall eatery. It's brightly lit, with one side open to the shopping area. The back wall is decorated with photographs, bottles and other ornamentation. Service is speedy, and tables are cleared promptly, but despite all this, it still feels more like a fast food place.

Who to take: This is a good place to hang out with school chums after classes have finished.

What's hot: The menu is small but well thought out. The selection of hot meals features about a dozen noodle and curry choices.

Laksa is the classic Malaysian noodle dish. The soup is made with coconut and can be quite sweet. Here it is served with prawns and tofu. A very similar dish is mee siam. Despite the name, there is nothing Thai about it. It is a delicious variation of laksa, made with thin vermicelli-style noodles and eggs.

Hokkien pork rib noodles is another soup-based dish, this time in a Malaysian-Chinese style. If you prefer your noodles fried, you might try the vermicelli with fishcake, sausage and egg.

But it was the aromatic lamb curry that won our hearts.

Other rice-based dishes include nasi lemak, which is rendang chicken with coconut-seasoned rice, and curried chicken with turmeric-seasoned yellow rice.

All the hot meal sets are served with tea or coffee.

The snack side of the menu is almost entirely toast. There is traditional thin toast, thick toast and French toast. All of them can be served with butter, peanut butter, butter with sugar, butter kaya or strawberry jam.

For dessert there is a range of cakes and cheesecakes. The toast sets are available all day. Breakfast sets, which include bacon, eggs, beans and toast, are available before 11am. Afternoon tea sets, which include coffee, cakes and croissants among other things, are available from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

What's not: Lunchtimes are frantic. Go early or expect a wait.

Cost: Noodle and curry dishes are HK$65-HK$70, breakfast and tea sets HK$33-HK$40.