Piece makers

Lumen Kinoshita

She works in finance and is a fixture on the social scene, as well as being a keen supporter of such charities as the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

When did you start collecting jewellery?

I have been accessorizing myself since I was three or four, and I have a very stylish mother and two fashionista sisters. I don't consider myself a collector because I only buy what I love.

Favourite piece?

My Golconda ring.

What has the most sentimental value?

It would be my tiny, three-diamond dust ring given to me by my mother when I was 12 or 13. That's when I really started to love jewellery and I was very happy to receive a real diamond.

Where do you buy your jewellery?

Mostly from Maria Gaspari, Sotheby's, M. Khordipour and David Morris.

Vintage or new?

I buy both vintage and contemporary.

Favourite jewellery brand?

Maria Gaspari - they have everything from funky, youthful and smaller pieces to beautiful pieces.

What item of jewellery should every woman own?

Bangles. I love them because they are easy to wear, lovely to look at and feminine but strong.

1. Vintage Indian necklace 'I have always loved the jewellery worn by the Maharajas. This necklace features a large sapphire and emerald that are carved - I like carved stones.'

2. Vintage bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels 'I'm always attracted to pieces that are handcrafted like this 1950s bracelet. It's a signature Van Cleef style, and the bouquet can be removed and worn as a brooch.'

3. Estate jewellery, circa 1970s 'I have a lot of costume jewellery and I bought this over 10 years ago. The little coral Buddhas are chunky yet fun. I like Asian-inspired pieces that look Western.'

4. Diamond bracelet and ring by Maria Gaspari 'My aunt had a similar ring that she bought 20 years ago, and I have been admiring it for years. I found a similar one seven years ago. I love diamonds - I am a bling girl.'

Jennifer Cheung

A former banker, Jennifer Cheung is the mastermind behind dessert bar Sift, which recently opened a store in Central's Prince's Building.

When did you start collecting jewellery?

When I was in my teens I became obsessed with cameo rings because I liked the fact that they looked old. Now I love to buy pieces that are wearable and comfortable. I am not about showy pieces - for me, jewellery is an accent or highlight.

Favourite piece?

My Pomellato stacking rings - I have them in many colours.

What piece has the most sentimental value?

Anything from my mother - she has amazing taste.

Where do you buy your jewellery?

I buy pieces everywhere, especially when I travel. I love to go to flea markets like Portobello in London. I'm fascinated by anything from the 1920s with an art deco look.

Favourite brand?

I love what the French jewellery brands were making in the early 20th century, especially Cartier's Asian-inspired pieces. I am currently obsessed with anything by Carolina Bucci.

What item of jewellery should every woman own?

Diamond studs. They are easy, and no matter what your personal style is they will always match your look.

1 . Collier de Chien cuff by Hermes 'I wear the black-and-gold cuff almost every day because it just makes an outfit. I like the fact that it looks androgynous.'

2. Rings by Pomellato 'You can wear these alone or stack them. The fact that they are multi-faceted means they catch the light, which really brings out the colours.'

3. Onyx and diamond ring by David Yurman 'I loved the Kate Moss ads so much that they inspired me to buy this ring. It's versatile and fun.'

4. Chandelier earrings by Fred Leighton (wearing in portrait, left) 'I like how these dance when you wear them. They were a gift from my mum - delicate yet fun.'

Susan Sng

This mother-of-four and owner of a PR agency recently launched and designed a line of pearl jewellery that is both modern and chic.

When did you start collecting jewellery?

In the 1980s; I was especially drawn to vintage pieces because you don't see the same intricate craftsmanship nowadays, especially with the art deco pieces. I think I have a collection of 200-plus pieces.

Favourite piece?

A Chanel brooch I got in the late 1980s - it's very unusual and has green stones surrounding a crystal. What piece has the most sentimental value? My mother's plain gold wedding band. It's from 60 years ago.

Where do you buy your jewellery?

Tiffany & Co and Greek brand Ilias Lalaounis, which is known for its handcrafted gold jewellery. For costume, I love searching flea markets in New York.

Favourite jewellery brand?

I love what Paloma Picasso does for Tiffany & Co - it's simple but detailed. Other favourites are Miriam Haskell and Erikson Beamon.

What item of jewellery should every woman own?

A pearl necklace - you can wear it anytime and it's always simple and elegant.

Favourite jewellery icon?

My friend Ning Lau of Joyce Boutique. She always pulls off the best pieces.

1. Multi-strand pearl necklaces by Susan Sng (wearing in portrait) 'These are my favourites for winter. They are made from freshwater pearls - the grey tones are so unique. I try to make pearl designs that look young.'

2. Pea in the Pod earrings and brooch 'I got this set in the US. It's very old, although I don't know the exact date they were made. I like the design, especially the pearls in the pod.'

3. Vintage brooch collection 'I have more than 150 brooches from brands such as Chanel, Prada and Miriam Haskell. They can easily make a simple jacket or shirt look stylish.'

4. Vintage bracelets 'These are all from New York and date back to the 1920s or 1930s. I rarely wear them because I am worried about losing the stones and having to replace them. I love the white one for the summer.'

Fiona Kotur Marin

US-born Kotur is the founder and designer behind Kotur, a line of chic handbags that have been spotted on celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively.

When did you start collecting jewellery?

It was in my 20s, when I was working with Ralph Lauren. He actually taught me the art of collecting because he is also a big collector. I was naturally drawn to jewellery and of course bags.

Favourite piece?

My gold Verdura Criss Cross cuffs - they were the first gift from my husband.

What piece has the most sentimental value?

My diamond bracelets from Gem Palace in India. Each one was given to me as a gift to mark a special occasion. When I wear them, it's like an arm of memories.

Where do you buy your jewellery?

Of the few that I buy for myself, I get them mostly at markets when I travel. I love ethnic and eclectic pieces.

Favourite jewellery brand?

I've recently had my eye on local brand Youmna. The designer always looks so chic and I can see how her style translates into her jewellery.

1. Necklace and brooch by Iradj Moini 'I discovered Iradj Moini at a trade show five years ago, and he has designed jewellery for the likes of Oscar de la Renta. This necklace is great because it's messy, but can be worn apart.'

2. Cuff collection 'I started collecting cuffs in college and I always buy them in pairs. I have a big collection, including a selection by Verdura, Kenneth Jay Lane and Tory Burch.'

3. Diamond bracelets from Gem Palace (wearing in portrait) 'I was introduced to these through my sister. I love Indian jewellery and my husband buys them when he travels.'

4. Native American jewellery 'I got into Native American jewellery thanks to Ralph Lauren. Most of my pieces are in silver and turquoise and I have bought them all over the US. I wear all the necklaces together.'