Lunchbox snacks

Kallo Organic Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins

90 grams for HK$29.90, ThreeSixty

Sheets of crisp, wholegrain brown rice are smothered in top-quality Belgian chocolate to produce this heavenly snack, which packs just 53 calories per slice.

Verdict: Perfect with a hot drink. It's hard to stop at just one.

Nana's Cookie Bars

Box of five 35-gram bars for HK$49, ThreeSixty

These bars - baked with real bananas - are described as 'a smooth fruit explosion' on the website. However they were dry, powdery and tasted like cardboard.

Verdict: I can't be forgiving about these; they're really, really bad.

Revolution Foods Organic Jammy Sammy

Box of five 29-gram bars for HK$47, ThreeSixty

This organic, wholegrain, peanut butter and grape jelly square is small (think Honey-I-shrunk-the-PB&J-sandwich) but huge on flavour.

Verdict: The kids will love these.