Entrance exam for Chinese universities

WHEN choosing undergraduate programmes in China, there are other concerns besides location, school size and cost. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a suitable university: Field of study Define your area of study and interest, and find out which schools offer programmes in your field.

Course requirements Check university catalogues to see if your needs and interests are covered.

Admission requirements Find out what kind of undergraduate preparation is necessary, and what the minimum undergraduate requirement is.

Quality Find out if the school is accredited. Check if the programme is professionally accredited, where applicable.

Facilities and opportunities Check library, laboratory or computer facilities. Find out the availability of career placement services, internships or practical training.

Entrance examinations Applicants have to take the Joint Entrance Examinations for Universities in mainland China as a requirement for admission.

Requirements: Applicants should be of Form Six-level, be below 25 years and single. Health tests are required.

Content: Examination subjects: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physics, Biology, Chemistry.

Candidates are required to take five subjects in the examinations according to their area of interest.

Examinations Date: June 27 to 29.

Application Deadline: April 30.

For more information, call the Hong Kong Examinations Authority on 328-0061.