Fired radio host tells RTHK to 'show more respect'

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 December, 2011, 12:00am


Ditched RTHK radio host Robert Chow Yung called on the broadcaster to show more respect for its staff.

Chow was speaking on his last day as a co-host of morning phone-in programme Talkabout.

'It [RTHK] might think that it's already been nice to you as it provides you a platform to speak, but that's not the case,' he said after finishing his show on the programme he has helped host for 12 years. 'What we want is respect [from the management]. By giving this, the people holding power would gain more support from the public.'

Chow and another popular host, Ng Chi-sum, were told last month their contracts would not be renewed. Ng said earlier he was puzzled by the decision as it came without warning.

The hosts learned their fate at a lunch with senior management.

The station's assistant director, Tai Keen-man, said their services would not be needed when major changes were introduced to programming next year. Chow said he had no plans to host a radio programme in the near future.

He said Albert Cheng King-hon, chairman of the Digital Broadcasting Corporation and a popular radio host, had invited him to host a programme at his station.

But he said: 'I am lucky to have enjoyed the privilege of expressing my views on air for 12 years. That's enough. I promised Cheng I would join his channel if I were to host a programme again. But I am not planning to do so.'

Chow's career at RTHK was marked by his unsuccessful bid for the job of director of broadcasting. He sought the job in 2008 to make a stand against the station's 'discriminatory' requirement that candidates must be university graduates.

Chow, a Form Five graduate, joined the race after the government lowered its entry requirements when fewer than half of the 20 applicants met the minimum qualification. The successful candidate was Franklin Wong Wah-kay.

Ng will co-host his final episode of the evening phone-in show Open Line, Open View on Friday.