HK people labelled as dogs by mainlander

An ultra-leftist mainland academic branded Hong Kong people 'running dogs of the British government' when commenting on a quarrel between Hong Kong and mainland passengers on an MTR train.

On a V1 internet television talk show, Professor Kong Qingdong, from Peking University's Chinese department, called Hong Kong people 'dogs' and 'bastards' and criticised them for discriminating against mainlanders and refusing to be identified as Chinese.

'You [Hongkongers] are Chinese, right? But as I know, many Hongkongers don't think they are Chinese. They claim that we are Hongkongers, you are Chinese. They are bastards,' Kong said.

'Those kinds of people used to be running dogs for the British colonialists. And until now, you [Hongkongers] are still dogs. You aren't human.'

The fiery professor came under the spotlight last year after claiming he had told a reporter for Southern People Weekly magazine, to 'f*** off' three times in a row because the reporter represented a 'traitorous' media organisation, the Nanfang Media Group.

His latest comments follow a quarrel between Hong Kong and mainland passengers which has sparked widespread online debate on both sides of the border.


The video, uploaded to YouTube by a Hong Kong internet user, records a war of words after some angry Hongkongers tried to stop a mainland girl eating a snack on a Lo Wu- bound train at Mong Kok East Station on Sunday.

During the argument, the Hong Kong people spoke Cantonese and the mainland passengers spoke Putonghua.

'The wrangle was sparked by one of the mainlanders laughing at my poor Putonghua, but ignoring their wrongdoing of eating,' Ken Wai, the Hong Kong man who triggered the row, said on Facebook on Tuesday.

Kong claimed that Hongkongers had failed to accept their responsibility to speak the 'real Chinese language' because of the 'residues of colonialism'.


'If you [Hongkongers] keep [discriminating against mainlanders] in that way, then we won't provide you with water, vegetables, fruit and rice. Can you Hongkongers still survive? Go to seek help from your British daddy,' he said.