Appeal for centralised TV system

THE rise in student population and the expansion of the campus in recent years has prompted a call at Hong Kong University for a new centralised television network system for effective communication and better linkage.

Purple Lee Chi-yan, chairman of the university's television production team, Campus TV, said the scattered locations of departments at the campus and the rise in the number of students had made information flow within the campus more arduous than before.

'In this regard, many students are not aware of the activities going on at the campus or facilities available for them here. In a way, they are missing out on the many chances ready for them to grasp during their three years' study here,' said the final year arts student.

Citing career guidance as an example, Ms Lee said Campus TV was recently approached by the university's careers education and placement centre to make a documentary. The purpose was to remind final year students of services available at the centre which would be useful for them in job-seeking and future career planning.

Admitting communication is a two-way process, Ms Lee said students were partially responsible for accessing information available for them.

'It makes no difference if they do not look for it even if we install a television at each corner for their convenience,' she added.

Campus TV, which celebrated its fifth anniversary last month, is broadcast every day from noon to 2 pm with campus news, summaries of newspaper editorials, advertisements for university and societies activities, documentaries and music.

The present coverage of Campus TV includes only part of the main campus with four outlets at the two university canteens and students' union building. Another outlet is at the Faculty of Medicine at Sassoon Road.

The proposed system, called the Centralised Television with Information Network System, includes an installation of cables within the main campus, allowing rapid flow of information and even live broadcasts through a central control room to an extensive area including the lift lobby of most buildings at the campus.

Ms Lee said although the proposal had been approved by the university, finance remained the greatest obstacle for its implementation.