Abdallah Naem
Abdallah Naem
Abdallah Naem is a freelance journalist based in East Kalimantan. His work focuses primarily on environmental and cultural issues in the Indonesian province and has been published in both English and Indonesian media.

Two Indonesians have died in the past week trying to buy cooking oil, as stocks run low in the country due to supply shortages and high global prices, partly due to Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine.

A small-time politician’s flippant remark that Kalimantan is known only for vampiric ‘kuntilanak’ and abominable ‘genderuwo’ has cast the spotlight on the myths and legends surrounding the island of Borneo.

A creature that comes from the sea controls Covid-19, the Dayak Benuaq people of East Kalimantan believe. It can’t be killed, but can be bargained with through animistic rituals.