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Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao said on Monday that he planned to run for a post in the influential Philippine Senate despite a lacklustre stint as a congressman.


Apple launched an assault on the fledgling wearable tech market Monday, unveiling a high-end smartwatch that offers new ways to stay connected and to track health and fitness.


A mainland Chinese crew member was killed and eight others were missing after their Taiwanese-owned freighter collided with another ship at the mouth of Tokyo Bay and sank yesterday.

A Chinese official was removed from his post on Monday after a picture of him being given a piggyback because he was wearing expensive shoes sparked an online uproar.

Hong Kong's universities have taken a tumble in an annual ranking of the world's top 500 tertiary institutions. The University of Hong Kong slipped out of the top 200 into the 201-300 quintile and City University and Polytechnic University fell out of the top 300 into the 301-400 quintile.

But the Guardian, which ran the interview in which Douglas made the claim, stuck to its guns and posted an audio clip on its website, insisting that Douglas had been referring to his own cancer being caused by cunnilingus.

Video: The Vatican on Tuesday denied that Pope Francis had performed an exorcism after an Italian religious television channel said footage of the pontiff blessing a boy in a wheelchair showed he had. See for yourself here.

VIDEO: By day, Eva is a nurse. For one night each week she is also an illegal street racer - one of hundreds in Hong Kong who are bound by their addiction to breakneck speed.

Moments after the start of his daily grind as a construction worker in northern China, Xia Donghai’s world came crashing down with news that a terrifying earthquake had struck his hometown almost a thousand miles away.

A period of public mourning will be observed on Saturday for those who died in a 7.0-magnitude quake that jolted Lushan County in Sichuan Province on April 20. The announcement comes as a 78-year-old man was rescued five days after the quake struck. 

Despite the gloom in the West and a slowing expansion of China’s economy, free-spending Chinese consumers and wealthy Hong Kong locals craving exclusivity have proven a blessing to retailers looking to buck global woes.

China dismissed a New York Times report that exposed the wealth amassed by the family of former Premier Wen Jiabao as having “ulterior motives” on Tuesday, after it won a Pulitzer Prize.

US public health experts said developing a vaccine for the H7N9 strain of bird flu could take “many months”, as China seeks to control an outbreak which had killed 11 people by Friday.

North Korean state media issued two photos on Friday that, either by accident or design, appeared to show plans for striking the US mainland, as well as details of the North’s military strength.


Catholic zealots in the Philippines re-enacted the last hours of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, whipping their backs and nailing themselves to crosses in a grisly Easter ritual that persists despite Church disapproval.


China’s wild finless porpoises are heading toward extinction, the World Wildlife Foundation said, with the dolphin-like animals now rarer than the giant panda.

Former CIA chief General David Petraeus said sorry on Tuesday for the “mistake” which triggered his resignation last year, in his first public speech since quitting due to an extra-marital affair.


Hundreds of North Korean paratroopers descend on Seoul. Their mission: to take thousands of US citizens living in South Korea hostage. This is the fantasy scenario at the centre of the latest propaganda video released by the government to bolster animosity towards America.

The odd couple is getting odder: first, Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un take in a hoops game side by side. Now, they’re reportedly planning a holiday together.

Hong Kong shares fell 1.32 per cent on Tuesday, losing all their gains for 2013 after elections in Italy failed to produce a winner, fuelling fears of gridlock that could spark a new crisis in the euro zone.

Nasa is keeping close tabs on a sizable asteroid set to whizz past our planet in what the US space agency says is the closest fly-by ever predicted for such a large object.

The owner of Ho Hung Kee restaurant in Causeway Bay says winning the coveted Michelin star in 2011 is 'a recognition of Hong Kong’s dining culture'. Patty Ho, the daughter-in-law of the restaurant’s founders and its current owner, said she has stuck to original recipes because she wants customers to experience a “traditional eating culture”. 

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei joined the growing chorus of disapproval at Beijing’s air pollution this week by posing pictures of himself on Twitter wearing a gas mask. readers took to their keyboards to post a record number of comments on the story, in which the controversial star told Phoenix TV that America was "the most corrupt country in the world".

British actress Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Elizabeth II in The Queen, on Thursday received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

China looks poised to launch another crackdown on its social networks after two newspapers carried editorials defending restrictions on the internet.


CNN electoral vote projection: Romney 169, Obama 157 New York Times electoral vote projection: Romney 160, Obama 148 BBC electoral vote projection: Obama 172, Romney 163  updated at 11:50 am HK