Agence France-Presse in Beijing

China arrested or prosecuted more than 2,300 people for political offences in 2013 – the vast majority in secret, an advocacy group reported today as the ruling Communist Party continues a crackdown on dissent.

China media has slammed the controversial film at the centre of a cyberattack on a Hollywood studio, adding that it was wrong for movie-makers to mock North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


A fire at a Chinese coal mine killed 24 workers early on Wednesday, state media reported, the latest fatal incident to hit the accident-prone industry.

China on Thursday deployed more than 1,200 troops and scrambled fighter jets in response to an unauthorised flight near Beijing airport by what turned out to be a mapping drone, state-run media reported.

Chinese police seize 70 kg of cocaine with a street value of US$6.5 million in shipping container in Shanghai after a tip-off by United States drug officials.

Standard Dictionary of Modern Chinese's third edition features definitions for 'particulate', 'wealth management' and new take on 'tuhao' for 'rich who are lacking in correct values'

French actress Sophie Marceau performed “La Vie En Rose” on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV’s New Year gala on Thursday, a show watched by hundreds of millions of people.