Agence France-Presse in Caracas

One month after Chavez died, supporters of acting President Maduro played military-style bugles to wake up people before dawn and later voters stood in lines, from the capital’s hillside slums to its wealthier districts.


Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that President Hugo Chavez was fighting for his life in a Caracas military hospital, 10 days after returning from cancer treatment in Cuba.

“The president is in the process of recovering. However, the upcoming battle is more complex,” Jaua said upon his return from Cuba, where he was visiting the ailing 58-year-old Chavez.

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s allies staged a show of unity on Saturday, re-electing the ruling party’s Diosdado Cabello as parliamentary speaker, while their president battles cancer in Cuba.

Venezuela’s government accused opposition leaders of waging a “psychological war” to destabilise the country, as its cancer-stricken Hugo Chavez battles a lung infection.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says that if he were a US citizen, he would vote for President Barack Obama in the presidential election.

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