Alvin Dong

Gridiron is gaining ground in China as parents turn to the sport to help their youngsters develop character and self-reliance

 As businesses try to fend off the rise in cyberattacks, it is becoming more lucrative to join China's burgeoning cybersecurity industry. That may explain the rapid growth in the number of "white hats" in China's internet landscape.

Everyone knows the tiger mum. Now meet a cat dad - Chang Zhitao. The Chinese businessman believes in giving children choices and being sensitive to their feelings. A new TV series in China has revived debate about the merits of his stance and that of "Tiger Mum" Amy Chua.


It has been almost a decade since Mai Tian first arrived in Beijing to realise his ambition of becoming a successful filmmaker. "No one would dismiss you as a dummy if you say you've come to Beijing to pursue your dream," says Mai, describing the capital as a "city of dreams". The Jiangsu native, who just turned 27, is certainly no dummy. After studying film production in college, Mai teamed up with friends in 2011 to set up his eponymous production studio.

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