Audrey Yoo

South Korea and Japan have sounded the alarm about potentially hazardous air pollution from northern China, which is expected to worsen this winter.


A non-governmental organisation in South Korea released a booklet on Wednesday containing the personal details of North Korean human rights abusers to warn Pyongyang of a potential day of reckoning when the two Koreas are unified.

Chinese tourists visiting the United States during China’s “Golden Week” holiday have complained of nowhere to visit after the federal government shutdown closed some of the country’s most popular tourist sites.

Guangdong's Pearl River Delta is one of world's most vulnerable urban areas because of the large number of people who could be affected by natural disasters, according to a recently published insurance company report.

The level of Chinese investment in the property sector of South Korea's largest island of Jeju is soaring, rising 49 times between 2010 and the first half of this year. But it is angering many locals who feel too much land is being sold off, too cheaply.

A US Census Bureau report, "Language Use in the United States: 2011", shows that there were nearly 2.9 million Chinese speakers in 2011 - up almost 360 per cent from 1980.

Two deadly industrial accidents in South Korea last month in which Korean-Chinese labourers were among those killed has raised concerns over the treatment of this class of migrant workers in the country.

South Korea's Ministry of National Defence announced yesterday it would end the controversial "entertainment soldier" system, which allows conscripted celebrity soldiers to serve as publicity agents and entertainers for the armed forces.