Brian Wong

Restaurant cook Wong Chun-chuen, who was 20 years old at time of offence, pleads guilty to raping teenager in 1983 at now-demolished public housing estate.

High Court jury finds Leung Kwok-chung, 54, guilty of murder over 2009 attack on Lee Tai-lung outside Kowloon Shangri-La hotel in the early hours of August 4, 2009.

The 59-year-old suspect appeared in Kowloon City Court amid large police presence to face murder and robbery charges relating to botched 1991 hold-up of watch store.

Judicial review applicant Kwok Cheuk-kin argues the government has violated residents’ right to stand for election by requiring them to first receive nominations.

Prosecution of Mika Yuen led to questions as to whether sedition law applicable to acts done overseas, as only two of 13 offensive posts published while she was in city.

Quartet pleaded guilty to inciting violence by passing resolution at student union council meeting in 2021 lauding ‘honourable sacrifice’ of man who stabbed constable.

Washington state Senator Jeff Wilson was earlier arrested for carrying a gun without a licence after leaving the firearm in his luggage while flying to Hong Kong.

West Kowloon Court hears Mika Yuen violated colonial-era sedition law by posting images of offensive banners and adding captions advocating city’s independence.