Bryan Harris

The decision by Hong Kong soccer chiefs to back embattled former Fifa chief Sepp Blatter flies in the face of the mainland's high-profile anti-corruption, drive according to a group of protesting city fans.

Tempers flared at Ocean Park yesterday as animal rights activists faced off against security workers from the marine park, resulting in the closure of the main entrance escalator.

Former Macau junket operator and multimillionaire Paul Phua Wei-seng walked free from court after a Las Vegas judge dismissed an illegal gambling case against him on the back of constitutional violations.

The increasing use of elderly drug mules by crime syndicates has prompted calls for authorities to reassess Hong Kong's harsh sentencing guidelines.


Fifa president Sepp Blatter broke his silence on the corruption crisis engulfing soccer, saying that accused officials had brought shame and humiliation on the sport’s global governing body.


Hong Kong was on Wednesday night named as one of the focuses of "complex" money laundering schemes involving tens of millions of US dollars that is at the heart of a corruption scandal rocking the "world game" of soccer.


A former Macau junket operator accused of running an illegal soccer World Cup gambling scheme looks set to walk free after the presiding judge in the Las Vegas trial tossed the remaining evidence.

Seizures of methamphetamine across Asia have quadrupled as international crime syndicates reap huge profits on the back of growing regional economic integration and co-operation, according to a United Nations report.

After an ordeal in mainland China last year that saw him locked in a shed-like prison and then hastily deported, Vernon Davies must view his current residence in Chungking Mansions as a relative oasis of calm.

The mother of an autistic teenager whose disappearance 15 years ago sparked a public outcry and paved the way for strict new guidelines on police handling of special needs cases, says the recent wrongful arrest of an autistic man proves nothing has changed.

As Hong Kong rattles and hums to the sound of a construction boom, a treasure trove of photographs from an earlier time of key infrastructural change will soon go on display.

Hong Kong has become the focus of an international investigation into a mystery campaign of postal threats that has seen courthouses across Canada targeted with suspicious packages.

About 50 officers from the police's elite search team scoured dense woodland in Fei Ngo Shan yesterday in an attempt to locate the cave in which kidnappers are believed to have hidden Bossini heiress Queenie Rosita Law.

One of Hong Kong's highest-profile police crime reconstructions in recent years took place in the full media glare as investigations continued into the kidnap for ransom of Bossini clothing chain heiress Queenie Rosita Law.