Stylist Cody Tsui Chi-hung's love of all things Japanese and vintage inspired him to open a quirky boutique that doubles as a hair salon, writes Candace Campos.

Owner Kate Davies talks to Candace Campos about how she turned her love for antiques into a business.

The furniture shop-cum-exhibition space, which opened in November, is a haven for fans of Nordic design and vintage collectibles. One of its three founders, Ellen Lai, talks about what makes her shop so special.

The Causeway Bay outlet is a treasure trove of vintage Danish and German furniture. Co-owner Arthur Yung reveals its most popular pieces.

Building your dream nest? Then you need look no further than Philippa Haydon's warehouse of treasures, writes Candace Campos.

Joanne Pereira's shop is stocked with the unusual and the fun, with a bit of bad taste thrown in, writes Candace Campos.

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