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Accounting and finance practitioners need an optimal combination of professional competencies that integrate technical skills with personal qualities

The fundamental objectives of recruitment have changed little over the years. It is basically still about attracting the best individuals available and getting them up to speed as quickly as possible.

Students, parents and teachers must work together to set rules on the amount of time spent on smartphones and social media to ensure youngsters are responsible users


Hong Kong’s leading kindergartens presented their credentials to parents and discussed important topics such as learning-through-play, bilingualism and language immersion in an often animated series of Q&As and panel discussions

Networking opportunities are considered to be one of the greatest strengths for MBA programmes these days. This was certainly the case for Brian Lin and Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng...

Running, jumping and skipping outdoors while making plenty of high-spirited noise might, at first glance, seem incompatible with academic learning and good test scores. But all the evidence suggests that...

The mention of the word "innovation", especially when linked to the telecommunications industry, usually conjures up images of new products and services  or new business models...

With the legacy of the 2008 global finance crisis still reverberating, amidst a swiftly shifting compliance and technological landscape, Hong Kong's banking and finance sectors are facing the challenge of attracting talent to future proof the industries. "One of the major lessons that we learnt from the global financial crisis is that...

More than 2,000 parents attended the annual event. Chris Davis reports. More than 2,000 parents, many accompanied by their children, discovered a wide range of early-learning...

While his internationally recognised research focuses on the “dark side of finance”—manipulation and dishonesty in global markets—Utpal Bhattacharya believes Hong Kong's financial infrastructure stands out as role model of efficiency and transparency.

HKUSPACE continues to push boundaries by offering innovative and unique degrees suitable for a host of different career paths.

Parents eager for their children to get a good start on their education journey received a clear picture of the different types of early education available at the Education Post...  

When it comes to UK boarding education, parents have an array of fantastic schools to choose from.

UK boarding schools help students mentally prepare for the challenges of higher education.

For young students, making sound wealth management decisions may seem far off, but Citi Hong Kong believes it’s best to start early.

In today's dynamic business environment, executives must prepare for new challenges and responsibilities.

CityU’s School of Law grants its students access to a wide array of careers in the legal profession and beyond.

Whether a patient is making an appointment to see a medical practitioner, follow-up checkups or seeking advice from a doctor about health risks and treatment options, according to a branding expert, design-led planning and technology can help to improve the patient experience.

A world-class hospital and research institute facility may sound an unlikely building to elicit expressions of “wow" and “amazing", but these are often the response when people walk into the new A$1.2 billion Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne, Australia, according to Siegi Schmidmaier, Director, Strategy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, which is located within the VCCC.

CUHK Faculty of Law, one of the world’s top schools, is justly renowned for the quality of its teaching.

Plenty of quick thinking and rigorous reasoning was in evidence at the first Asian Schools British Parliamentary Debating Championship to be staged in Hong Kong.

A tailor-made course trains non-executive directors to fight for the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.

A summary of key findings from the SCMP International School Survey – A Parent Perspective.

The annual event hosted by Education Post brought together parents, educators and experts.