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Woman pays for service to rekindle lost love, then learns ex married shortly after breakup
Man pretends to be 300-year-old Chinese emperor, swindles woman out of more than 47m yuan
Tigers involved in fatal attack at Beijing zoo park to remain in enhanced enclosure
Chinese children have to clamber over ‘mountain’ of dumped construction waste to get to school
Swimming club accepts responsibility after more than 200 children fall ill
Authorities rule wildlife park not responsible for fatal tiger attack
Three bootleggers arrested in southern China for faking foreign brand spirits
Chinese schoolgirl, 18, dies of heart attack after falling victim to university tuition fee scam
University in northwest China sorry for sacking cancer-stricken teacher who later died
Men arrested for forging 200,000 yuan of banknotes in northwest China
Dogs die from heatstroke at opening of Shanghai pet show
Chinese man who has bet on sports lottery for 10 years wins highest prize money recorded in province
Beijing hospital lifts rule requiring employees to apply to get pregnant after public outcry
Wild animals slaughtered live on internet channel by group in China
Chinese hotel boss drives bulldozer at rival in row over customers
Chinese electric bike thief caught after police find notebook detailing his crimes
Boy, 13, visits hospital bed of woman he set alight to apologise
Father and son badly burned after small hydrogen ballon stuck in tree explodes in eastern China
Chinese villagers arm themselves with wooden clubs after sacks of snakes released in neighbourhood
Man stuck in bus window after falling forward when vehicle braked suddenly
Wish you were here? Huge numbers of tourists squeeze into Chinese national park during holiday rush
‘Worst food factory’ fined only for incorrect labelling of ingredients in preserved meat products
Two dead, two missing after flash flood washes away six tourists in Guangdong geological park
Chinese police officer suspended on suspicion of accepting bribes of cash and premium cigarettes
Over 100 Beijing restaurants found serving food made in filthy kitchens
Fugitive red panda recovered by Chinese zoo after eight months on the run