Dennis Posadas

Smog from coal is one of the major problems facing Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as he tries to wage a "war on pollution". Already, smog in Beijing and Shanghai has become untenable, mostly due to pollution from old factories, coal and cement plants and steel mills in Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces.

Chances are in your daily activities, you probably munch on a burger, drink a soft drink, open a candy bar, get a new dishwashing sponge, or do other activities where you come into contact with product packaging. Whether it's from a big multinational or a small company, product packaging is everywhere.

Pearson, the UK-based publishing behemoth that owns the Financial Times as well as, in part, the newly merged Penguin Random House, and is the world's largest publisher, has announced plans to go fully digital on its educational textbooks. The time is actually ripe for such a move - even in Hong Kong - and has been contemplated by most publishers for some time.

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