Doris Wai
Doris Wai
Hong Kong
Multimedia Producer, Young Post
Doris worked in educational publishing, including the BBC and Cengage prior to joining the Post in 2018. She specialises in creating graphics and digital learning content, and has a particular interest in issues related to mental health and wellness.

Five schools will not receive government grants for Primary One classes from the next academic year as they did not meet the requirement of enrolling at least 16 pupils for the grade.

Developed by Japan’s Hoya Corporation, the Miyosmart lenses deploy hundreds of tiny lenses to counteract a condition that worsens myopia, or nearsightedness.


Company has said staff agreed to 25-day shift arrangement, but labour rights advocate argues workers usually lack power to dispute unfavourable work schedules.

This marine animal existed 400 million years ago, and its remains were uncovered in 1980 on Tolo Channel’s north coast, expanding knowledge of city’s geological history.

Practise your English with our short listening exercises: play the audio; complete the questions; and check the answers at the bottom of the page.

The traditional broth has a storied legacy in Hong Kong, but if you want to make it at home, take a look at our herbal chicken soup recipe with similar health benefits.

About 50,800 pupils have finished exams for four core subjects on Hong Kong’s university entrance exams, with tough English reading paper sparking controversy.

More than 44,000 pupils sat for the subject, which has been renamed ‘citizenship and social development’ with focus on national security and patriotism.

Under tightening signboard regulations to protect pedestrians, about 3,300 signboards have been ‘removed or replaced’ every year between 2018 and last year.

As human activities disrupt ecosystems, this increases the risk of new illnesses like coronavirus and monkeypox that can spread from animals to us.