Elle Kwan

Four-year-old Rico Bishop has already sampled sheep brains and Italian deep-fried rabbit spleen. What's more, he enjoyed them.

Many couples will be out tonight, wining and dining with their loved ones. But while the masses are giggling over complimentary glasses of prosecco and sniffing red roses, chefs' partners get a raw deal.


Dutchman Nick Pauli got chatting to his now business partner Dirk Jasper about Dutch cheese at a football game, where they were both cheering their sons on.

At 12 years old, keen baker Ankrish Gidwani e-mailed the city's top pastry chefs, asking to work in their kitchens. When none responded, he started a blog. Today Baking Maniac displays the creations he bakes with his mother for weddings and events. Now 16, Ankrish dreams of studying pastry making in Paris and opening his own bakery here.

Australian-born mixologist Tom Wood arrived in Hong Kong in January this year to oversee the bar at Wyndham the 4th, which has just opened in Central. Diageo Reserve named him a world class bartender of the year, Hong Kong's first, before the venue even opened.

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