Eric Wong

Easy to use, with built-in obstacle avoidance and a 3D camera, this mini-drone puts flying in the hands of the masses. A few video-related downsides fail to mar the overall experience


The first 100 per cent Google smartphone looks good, takes great photos and has the very useful Google Assistant, but the battery life could be longer


A frustrating problematic app, unresponsive controls and a mere nine minutes of battery make the Chinese co-designed Dobby drone a pain to fly, but it’s a creative alternative to the humble selfie stick


The Parrot Bebop 2 drone is great for the casual flier – easy to use and offering an immersive experience with the First Person View goggles, but the mediocre Wi-fi connectivity and lack of camera gimbal are disappointing


Some features it does very well but other aspects of the phone – especially the slow camera – are frustrating. Is it enough to help this Chinese brand regain ground lost to other competing smartphone makers?

The latest handset to do away with a headphone jack and go modular, the Moto Z is super thin and fast, but design issues, battery life, camera performance and the high cost of add-ons work against it

With its shock resistance, tougher build quality and audiophile playback and recording, the V20 is ideally poised to overtake crisis-hit Samsung. Pity it’s not waterproof, though

With its impressive screen real estate and battery life, this model will appeal to users who like watching TV shows and mobile gaming; its camera is very poor

Despite its shortcomings, this handset has curves in all the right places, making it feel slimmer than it is, has a superfast UI and great battery life; the camera is nothing special, though

Xiaomi’s stylish Mi Band 2 keeps track of steps, heart rate and sleep analysis, has good battery life and is a no brainer for both new users and owners of this wearable’s first generation

Despite Leica’s involvement this smartphone is not entirely the success you might expect, but it is competitively priced and will appeal to the casual photographer seeking something different

Despite some flaws, this mobile offers unbeatable value for money and lives up to its cheap and cheerful reputation. Its camera is as good as any and its fingerprint sensor is among the fastest

Taiwanese manufacturer deserves credit for trying something new, but exposure issues and poor low-light performance let this phone down. The innovative lens technology it uses is likely to make a return, though

Stylish headphones look great, produce  exquisite sound, cancel noise well and fit cosily, but their weight and relatively short battery life may be drawbacks

Microsoft hopes its latest flagship phone will compete with iPhones and the newest Samsung smartphones, but despite great specs, it falls short in many areas, not least the apps available

From a new iPad to electric unicycles and robot drones, there was no shortage of cool and innovative gadgets coming to market this year. Here’s our guide to the ten best of 2015

Huawei-built gadget promises a better all-round experience than earlier Nexus models, with improved camera and much better battery life. As a development model it's a showcase for what other tech giants will bring to market soon.

Is it a smooth user interface you’re after? Or a killer camera? How about 3D Touch? Should you go with the latest version of iOS or Android? We take a closer look at the best new smartphones on the market at the moment and see how they measure up against one another.

Video game giants are set to show off their full arsenal at the upcoming electronic entertainment fair, and there's Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 to look forward to as well. 


Apple finally takes on Samsung in the phablet market. We see which has the best looks, features and functions.

Looking for a state-of-the-art smartphone? This year, there's not a lot of variation in the speed of the processors, so the battle is being fought in the field of innovation.

Samsung and Apple are again vying for a slice of the portable tablet market. In this round, we have the spec-tastic Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 taking on the gorgeous iPad mini Retina. Let's see who comes out on top.

There has been a lot of talk about the housing market bubble in Hong Kong and that interest rates rises may precipitate a price collapse soon. I disagree and here's why.