Hong Kong
Forkast.News is a digital media platform headquartered in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2018 by former Bloomberg News anchor Angie Lau. The agency focuses on blockchain, cryptocurrency and emerging technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The collapse of the Terra stablecoin and its sister cryptocurrency Luna in May resulted in losses to hundreds of thousands of investors worldwide.

TOKEN2049 stood out for its forward-looking, upbeat approach, covering issues including the slump in cryptocurrency valuations, the rise of stablecoins and the opportunity presented by the Crypto Winter.

Busan is now changing its strategy and signed deals in the last two months with Binance, FTX and Huobi to build the country’s first city-backed digital asset exchange.

China’s controversial social credit system has raised concerns over how the state might use the e-CNY to monitor people, control dissent and incentivise or dissuade certain behaviours.


Now it’s clear that just as threads spun from the pupae of silkworms drove the growth of a global trade network, China’s digital yuan may weave an enduring international system of finance.