The rush into China has been going for some time, but now the quieter, more austere luxury labels are increasingly making their presence felt.

China's newly formed cross-media watchdog yesterday scrapped 20 items for government approval, including censorship of "general category" film scripts, in an apparent attempt to streamline bureaucratic functions.

In 2009, Christie’s auction house ignored protests from Beijing and put on the block two bronze statues looted by Anglo-French forces during the opium wars.

A selection from half a million discarded old photos of Beijing rescued by a French photo collector will go on show in Hong Kong on Saturday.


As gridlock grips the capital's roads, Beijing’s subway system is feeling the strain. But what, asks Hannah Xu, is the government doing about it? Quite a lot, as it happens. Pictures by Simon Song.

The first overseas branch of a mainland university will open to undergraduate students next month, in Vientiane. And, as Patrick Boehler discovers, getting to grips with Laos and its authorities has taught the representatives from Suzhou a thing or two.

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