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[Sponsored article] HKT Premier and Hong Kong Institute of Architect (HKIA) teamed up for an evening of indulgence. The night was all about innovative approach to smart living. With an elegant and modern design, two-storey HKT Central Signature Store reflects architectures that connect people and create experience. Many of the finest architects were in attendance including Dr. Ronald Lu, founder of the award-winning architectural practice, Ronald Lu & Partners.

[Sponsored Article] HKT Premier and Lutron Electronics teamed up for a glamorous blash to promote Smart Living Experience. Richard Angel, Senior Vice President of Lutron flew from USA for this two day’s occasion, charming the crowd with respectfulness. The elegant dressed Monita Leung; Head of Sales HKT Premier also aroused the crowd with funny asides.

[Sponsored Article] Contemplate a move to a new home and the first thing that strikes you is all the hassle involved. Yes, life can get hectic, and inhaling deeply won’t always help.

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