Hugh Chow

"What is art?" Yeone W. Moser Fok asks rhetorically. "What is your body without your mind, your heart and your soul?" Coming from an investment banker who helps companies raise billions from the stock market, this sort of philosophical question is perhaps slightly odd.

The truth is out there and Hugh Chow is determined to find it among the good people of Capilla del Monte, the UFO capital of Latin America.


Y-Theatre There are four reasons why I suspect my girlfriend is keen to see Flamenco Bacchanal. They are Pol Vaquero, Isaac de los Reyes, Adrián Santana and Kelian Jiménez.

You don't need to clock up the air miles or break the bank to get away from it all. Charley Lanyon and Hugh Chow scour the city for some alternative affordable escapes - and put them to the test.

Remember when the dollar in your pocket was worth much more, when food scares were only over excessive calories and "clearing the air" didn't have a literal meaning?

The 73-year-old tells Hugh Chow about heading to Cuba from Hong Kong as a teenager, how his family lost everything and why he wouldn't change a thing.

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