Pickling is an integral part of Asian and Latin cuisines. Chefs at two Hong Kong restaurants tell us why they are making their own.

At one Causeway Bay outlet flavours change each week based on which fruits are in season, while a Japanese chain serves lollies in drinks.

Wonton noodles is one of Cantonese cuisine’s most iconic dishes. Janice Leung Hayes visits Mak An Kee in Sheung Wan, one of Hong Kong’s most famous wonton noodle restaurants, to find out exactly what goes into a perfect bowl. Illustration: Sarene Chan

The JIA Group CEO opened Meen & Rice at The Pulse so there'd be a place for locals and visitors to eat Chinese food on the beach, and to give Repulse Bay a "local".

Hong Kong restaurant chain keeps alive the tradition of serving sai yung, small portions of wonton noodles, as a snack.

"Hojicha is a roasted green tea," says Kosei Kamatani, who started the Japanese-inspired dessert cafe Via Tokyo with his brother and mother in 2013.