The prosecutor in former feng shui master Peter Chan Chun-chuen’s forged will case urged the Court of Appeal to consider adding remarks about costs in criminal cases, arguing it unfair the public had to pay costs for wealthy defendants.

A man accused of killing and dismembering an elderly husband and wife said his co-defendant – the couple’s son – took him to buy knives that he thought would be used for cutting steak, the Court of First Instance heard.

A businessman who is fighting extradition to Australia, where he is accused of being involved in one of the country's most serious cases of insider dealing, has applied for asylum in Hong Kong, Eastern Court heard.


A former senior pastor accused of molesting a woman during an exorcism pleaded not guilty yesterday to six charges of indecent assault. Titus Poon Man-shun is alleged to have committed the offences against two women in his churches.

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