Karen Lee

For China, same-sex marriage remains a long shot. No longer deemed pornographic, it remains off-limits in films, television shows or literature.


The Environmental Protection Department's decision to grant an environmental permit to the Airport Authority to build a third runway is set to be challenged.

Speculation abounds about how China will turn words into action following last month's fourth plenum of the 18th party congress, which was unprecedented in being devoted to "the rule of law" or "ruling the country by law".

Under the mainland's sprawling domestic security apparatus, numerous dissidents have allegedly been detained ahead of politically sensitive events.

Politics is the art of the possible," said Otto von Bismarck, Germany's first chancellor after the Treaty of Versailles. A group of 18 local academics have risen to this challenge in putting forward a proposal for electing the chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017.

A legal loophole has opened the way for an increasing number of mainland parents who are disillusioned with the education system, amid more and more reports of child abuse in schools, to follow a controversial overseas practice.

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