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Kelly Fung
Hong Kong
Reporter, Young Post
Kelly is a journalist from Hong Kong. She joined the Post in 2018, where she writes about Hong Kong's arts and culture, social welfare and the environment. She has a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

The artist – who was set to headline the festival’s Sunday line-up – has said he will not make it to his shows in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Class will be introduced alongside humanities course from September 2025 after general studies core subject is axed, separating arts and science education.


From Malala Yousafzai to Trevor Noah, these fascinating books give readers an insight into where the writers started their lives and where they have reached now.

From Ocean Vuong’s heartbreaking semi-autobiographical novel to Cathy Park Hong’s incisive essays, these writers capture the joys and tribulations of being an immigrant.

At Hong Kong ADHD Awareness Week, director shares how he channelled his experiences with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder into writing Everything Everywhere All At Once.


The 22-year-old athlete, dubbed the ‘little queen of cycling’ by Hongkongers, won three medals at Asian Games in Hangzhou, with a silver in women’s omnium.

This month, we want you to write a poem about home. If poetry isn’t your thing, hang in there; we will be exploring other forms of writing in the future!

The number of SEN pupils in local schools reached 58,890 in 2021-22, 11 per cent of the student population; City U catered to more than 100 of these students last year.

Latest academic year had started between two typhoons – Saola and the approaching Haikui – with some school halls flooded and windows broken by the first storm.

Diocesan Boys’ School Choir took home the championship title, while a mixed-gender alum group came in second and the Old Boys’ Association Choir rounded out third.

Some teenagers from the city’s 460-strong delegation at the World Scout Jamboree expressed regret at having to leave, despite clogged toilets and steaming hot tents.

Some teenagers from city’s 460-strong delegation at World Scout Jamboree express regret at having to leave, despite clogged toilets and steaming hot tents.

Demand for the humphead wrasse, or ‘So Mei’ in Cantonese, has likely lead to unlicensed sale and overfishing of the protected species, marine experts say.

Teens say Seeing the Possibilities programme from NGO KELY Support Group has given them the chance to explore their creativity – an opportunity they don’t get in school.

Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the film breathes new life into the story of the doll and reflects on humanity and the struggles of being a woman in society.