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Activists welcome foreign interest in reform
Floating their views
28 Jun 2003 - 12:00AM
Floating their views
James Tien's blame of top officials an 'ugly tactic' to divert attention from Tung's record
Citizens' advice bureau necessary, say legal experts
Washington discussions seen by pundits as unlikely to bring concrete results
Regina Ip denies entry criteria tightened
Tung's admission of faults wins favour
Tourist pier plan criticised for lack of focus
Plea for fare reductions on future projects turned down
Government guarded on trade zone
New route to ease traffic despite toll
Tung urged to take long-term view of welfare
Tung pledges more public contact
Police will increase cross-border liaison to help curb rise in crimes committed by visitors
Funding criteria 'too rigid to help vulnerable groups'
Lawmakers raise concerns over teenagers who face being torn apart by court ruling
Notification system fails driver held in Shenzhen
'Lack of respect' over bonus
15 Jan 2002 - 12:00AM
'Lack of respect' over bonus
DAB issues final warning to drop Route 10 request
Tung re-election a farce, say pro-democracy 17
No relaxation of benefit criteria
Experts to help cut police bankruptcies
New permit proposed to allow more visits by claimants
Activists press for GM food labelling
'Rules on cosmetics needed'
31 Jan 2002 - 12:00AM
'Rules on cosmetics needed'
HIV clinic protests 'a thing of the past'
New fears as 3 HK travellers die in Guangdong bus crash
Tax breaks, industry policy 'not needed for investment'
Series of measures to fight bird flu agreed
Mainland to complete crash probe in three weeks