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John Sichi’s ongoing treadmill protest inSeoul is part of desperate effort to find his missing children who have been allegedly abducted by his South Korean wife.


Disney pledges to increase its content creation and distribution in the Asia-Pacific, as it touts upcoming K-drama series including Big Bet, starring Choi Min-sik.


Kara are back in the limelight with new album Move Again, their first in seven years, and racking up millions of views on YouTube for their recent MAMA Awards show performance.


Jung Hae-in reveals why acting in Disney+ sci-fi K-drama Connect made him realise why Marvel actors are so good at what they do, and how his character is no superhero.

Park Jae Kyu questioned if China would play a constructive role in resolving the North Korean nuclear issue, saying there is little Beijing can do and it has little interest in supporting the US in dealing with North Korea.


December premiere for Korean drama series in which Song Hye-kyo’s character plans elaborate revenge against high-school bullies who horrifically abused her.

Actor says the plot lines of Reborn Rich ‘stirred up my imagination’. He especially likes the fantasy aspects of the revenge drama, in which he plays two characters.

Park Ji-hoon from K-pop group Wanna One plays student Yeon Si-eun, who joins forces with two fellow outsiders at school to take on bullies in Weak Hero Class 1.

Singaporean David Yong is not just a successful businessman – he is a K-pop singer and ‘influencer CEO’. He talks about taking a crash course in Korean and getting some pop star help.


Virtual concerts, held by the likes of BTS and Blackpink, and online fan interactions have become the norm during the pandemic – but which digital content changes will stay post-pandemic?

Kim You-jung, star of Netflix’s Korean film 20th Century Girl, talks about ’80s and ’90s music, feeling ‘confused and emotionally unstable’ when she turned 20, and her stance on love.

Girl group Dreamcatcher stand out in the K-pop world for adding rock elements to their songs. They talk about the genre, their international fans and winning a Korean music show – 1,924 days after their debut.

Recent shifts in consumer behaviour have led luxury brands to adapt. Gucci and Louis Vuitton have opened restaurants to cultivate brand loyalty among millennial and Gen Z consumers in South Korea.

AleXa is dropping a new single, Back in Vogue, and second-generation K-pop girl group Kara have a new album, Move Again, coming out. Meanwhile, YooA from Oh My Girl has a yet-to-be-named second solo release.

Korean actor Lee Sung-min has been busy taking on leading roles and making cameo appearances in many shows and films. He reveals his take on bromances and why he enjoys pretending to be somebody else.

Chung Seo-kyung, the writer behind hit Netflix K-drama Little Women, talks about its success, the reason she came up with the series and why she likes to create flawed characters.

Mariusz Blaszczak ended up having a video call with the South Korean defence minister after Beijing refused to allow the Polish delegation’s jet to enter its airspace.


K-drama Little Women’s climactic episode was filmed in Singapore. Its local co-producers talk about how they approached location scouting, and what they gleaned from working with the series’ Korean producers.

Charlotte Wilson grew up in the UK and Trinidad and Tobago listening to Britney Spears and Calypso music. The composer, who has since worked with Itzy, Enhypen and more, reveals how she broke into K-pop.

Experts say the main reason more women are opting for single-sex facilities is the fear of becoming the victim of sexual offences such as voyeurism, stalking and rape, which have surged in South Korea in recent years.

Korean food in Hong Kong has moved beyond fried chicken and barbecue to fine dining, with the pandemic keeping Hong Kong people at home and interest growing thanks to K-dramas, K-movies and K-pop.

The Korean embassy said VietJet Air frequently rejected visitors’ valid negative test results, and airport brokers fleeced them for an emergency last-minute test.

Taiwanese actor Greg Han talks about his ‘surreal’ popularity in Korea, the actors and directors he wants to work with, and how fame from TV series Someday or One Day has helped him grow.

The K-pop titans are putting on a free concert in Busan, South Korea, to promote its bid to host the 2030 World Expo, but the choice of venue, a former factory site, has fans worried.

The confirmation by state media comes weeks after Kim Jong-un’s sister, Yo-jong, hinted at her brother’s infection while presiding over an emergency meeting where she declared victory over the virus.


Fresh from The King’s Affection, Park Eun-bin found the challenge of playing Woo Young-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo so great she initially turned down the part. She talks about how she prepped to play Woo.