Tencent-funded Original Force Animation wants to make movies not just for Chinese audiences, but for global audiences, CEO Harley Zhao tells Richard Verrier.

In the six years since Health's last formal album, music's avant-garde has discovered the virtues of top 40 pop and hip hop, writes August Brown.


When one of its stars was arrested on drugs charges in Beijing, it seemed like China's biggest-grossing film yet might never see the light of day.

American  - a regular in Hong Kong at Dragon-i and Volar - is under no illusions about the fleeting nature of fame, as he works on albums with Justin Bieber and Madonna.

The speed with which star of Anaconda video was attacked - among others by Taylor Swift, who later apologised - for saying she felt snubbed by award nominations was proof she had a point about black women rarely being rewarded for their contributions to pop culture.


Victor Hussenot's beautiful, ethereal book is about city walking, city haunting, all the ways the metropolis can get beneath our skin. There's no story per se - just a series of riffs.

Terry Riley turned 80 on June 24 and, not unexpectedly, the honours for the mastermind of musical minimalism have been hardly minimal. London, Amsterdam and Paris have been taking particular note of the milestone, and a New York radio station offered a 24-hour Riley marathon as a salute.

MP3 technology enabled wholesale piracy of songs and, as Steven Poole explains, brought the music industry to its knees.

From its humble American beginnings as house music in Chicago, techno in Detroit and rave music in England, the genre now known as electronic dance music (EDM) has become a billion-dollar business. 

The seventh Fast & Furious film is a tribute to late actor Paul Walker and also proof of the franchise's box-office standing.

Filled with barbs at former friends and verse-long defences of his culpability in a recent break-up, Earl's portrait of the artist as a young man reads as a kind of poetically executed tirade.

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