A large fire broke out at one of China’s biggest power plants on Friday afternoon, near to the annual parliamentary meetings in Beijing.

Two people died and more than a dozen were hurt when a bus carrying more than fifty passengers from Henan province to Tianjin in crashed into a motorway height-limit bar on Monday.

When a Hong Kong man was spotted "walking strangely" across the border into mainland China his jerky movements aroused suspicion among customs officials.

About one million Chinese couples ask to have second child after easing of nation's one-child policy, with health officials expecting the change to lead to an extra two million births each year.

Lin Senhao, a former master’s medical student in Shanghai, lost his appeal today against a death sentence imposed for fatally poisoning his roommate, which he claimed had been only an April Fool's joke.

A man faced court for murder yesterday - more than nine years after confessing to the killing for which an innocent young man was executed.

Li Xiaolin has warned staff at the major power company she runs to stay out of trouble amid the widening anti-corruption campaign sweeping the country’s energy sector.