While Coffret D'or Eyebrow is the longest lasting, you need a steady hand for application since it clumps easily, creating a patchy, uneven look.

Dancer Mayson Tong Wai-chun lives every moment on stage improvising. Calling himself "Greenmay" (after a piece in which he painted himself green), the 25-year-old founded the Body Lab for Priori Tropism, primarily to research and teach improvisation dance.

The Hong Kong 3-D Museum, a 10,000 sq ft space in Hilton Tower, offers an alternative kind of exhibition experience. The paintings are not framed and hung on the walls, they are painted directly on them — or on the floor. And there is no one telling visitors to be quiet, so you can talk, laugh and take snaps.


Alan Tam Wing-lun has released more than 200 solo albums in a 30-year career and Hacken Lee Hak-kan's singing has been described as flawless.

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