Lindsay Varty
Lindsay Varty
Scion of one of Hong Kong’s premier rugby families, Lindsay and her brother Rowan are both Hong Kong national team members. One of the new full-time athletes at the Hong Kong Sports Institute’s rugby sevens programme, Lindsay brings a unique perspective on life as a premier rugby athlete and is an expert on the women’s game. A top-class player, Lindsay offers a new and interesting vantage point for followers of the local rugby scene.

As of August 2013, 17 female rugby players in Hong Kong signed full-time or part-time contracts with the Hong Kong Sports Institute. For many that meant quitting jobs as personal assistants, sports marketers, teachers or secretaries, but there are no regrets.

Many an eyebrow has been raised at the prospect of women in competitive sport, particularly a “violent” sport such as full-contact rugby. Yes, we come home with the odd bruise and grazed knee, and I’m certainly no stranger to a sling, but for me and many other girls in Hong Kong, rugby has been a huge part of life and a healthy source of exercise, competition and pride. Today, more and more girls are taking to the sport and the girl’s game just keeps on growing.

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