Get your child to prepare a holiday diary so they have something to talk about at school, show them the way to school a few times, and see if the school teaches social skills.

Research clearly shows that the longer children are put in the middle of parental conflict or under the influence of a parent's alienating behaviour, the more emotional and psychological trauma they will experience. 


According to EU Kids Online, a poll conducted in 2013 in Britain, 5.43 million teenagers have experienced cyberbullying on social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter. What can we learn from the stories of cyberbullying at that led to seven suicides since the website launched in 2010? How can we protect our teenagers from falling victim or becoming the bully now we know males and females are equally likely to be attacked online by close friends as well as strangers?

Divorce is not a one-off event and there is no quick or pain-free way to do it. An experienced marriage counsellor could help you see whether the relationship can go forward and, if not, help with the tasks of uncoupling in ways that are less damaging psychologically.

My nine-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Having the diagnosis is useful, so that we know she is struggling and not being defiant or disrespectful in the way she relates to people. But what can we do to help her?

In my work with divorced couples, I have seen people go through three psychological stages during the recovery process. But many get stuck in the first stage, the "hummingbird" stage, as writer Abigail Trafford describes it in her book, Crazy Time.

My stepson is coming to live with us this summer. I have been married to his mother for five years and we have a six-year-old daughter.

At the 20th anniversary celebrations of my son's soccer club, the head coach delivered a touching farewell to two players he had trained. It was obviously difficult for him to say goodbye to the children in whom he invested not only time but emotion.

My children are coming to Hong Kong this summer on a visit from England. We had many problems when they were here during Christmas.

My seven-year-old daughter is very quiet and does not have many friends. She is spending more time on Facebook and playing online games. Recently, we went to the birthday party of a friend’s child and she sat in the corner and played on her iPad.

Our family moved to Hong Kong this summer from Italy. We used to live in a small town, with extended family nearby. I have three girls aged five, seven and 11. My elder and younger have settled well, but my middle child simply refuses to talk in school.

I have been divorced for four years and now plan to marry my girlfriend of two years. But my daughter, 16, might move to Hong Kong. Her mother in Britain has threatened several times to send her to live with me. My daughter is going through this Gothic phase, but she is doing OK in school and we are still very close.

Young children don't like change, especially at times of uncertainty and major upheaval in their lives - they want and need all the routines for them to feel safe.

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