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 At the age of 71 and with a new solo album and a documentary to promote, the Rolling Stone is back in fine form


As the monsters-versus-medieval Chinese army fantasy directed by Zhang Yimou enters post-production, observers ponder how big it will be at the box office.


At World Books, Lily Li picks up the phone to transact one of her first sales of the day. "Hello, this is World Books," says Li, 60. "Can you add $60 to this phone card?"

Cheese, a 22kg, 90cm-tall turkey with a gobble said to sound like a country twang, received a US presidential pardon at the White House this week saving him from a "terrible and delicious fate".

At least six suspected vampires were buried with blades and rocks in a tiny farming village in Poland during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The University of Virginia has suspended all fraternity activities and asked police to investigate a 2012 sexual assault in the wake of a Rolling Stone article that said the Charlottesville campus failed to protect students from sexual predators.

Visitors to the newest museum in Harbin, in northeastern China, enter through a quaint facade affixed to the modern shell of the main train station. No bigger than a 7-Eleven, the museum could easily be mistaken for a restaurant and hardly looks like a place connected to an international incident - or two.

It is better to be right than to be happy, at least for one husband on the cutting edge of science. As part of an unusual experiment, the husband was instructed to "agree with his wife's every opinion and request without complaint", and to continue doing so "even if he believed the female participant was wrong," according to a report on the research that was published in the British Medical Journal.

Before Asiana Airlines Flight 214 struck a sea wall at the edge of San Francisco International Airport last weekend, the Seoul-based carrier was planning a huge expansion of its fleet in the hope of capitalising on the surge in air traffic from Asia.

Seventeen United States retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target and Macy's, have signed on to a five-year agreement to help improve safety at garment factories in Bangladesh.

Wall Street may seem like its old self again. Financial giants including Goldman Sachs raked in mega profits in 2012; bonuses are expected to fatten more Wall Streeters' pockets than last year; and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been flirting with an all-time high after topping 14,000 for the first time in half a decade.