A comment by an employee in the publicity department of Shaanxi province's Feng county sparked controversy after praising a senior official punished for violating discipline.

A police bureau in Zhejiang province, spent about 150,000 yuan (about HK$190,000) on monitoring devices that install Trojan horse viruses into smartphones, an investigative reporter claims.

A university in Xian sparked controversy after claiming the deadly New Year stampede in Shanghai had vindicated its earlier decision to ban its students from celebrating Christmas.

A mentally ill man who killed his father and lived in a cage starved to death after being abandoned by his family, investigators believe.

Overuse of fertilisers in northeast China - the country's most important grain-growing region - poses a serious threat to farming in the area, experts say.

Rampant corruption discovered after claims of misuse of funds from mainland lottery ticket sales, which have raised at last 1.7 trillion yuan (about HK$2 trillion) since 1987, reports Xinhua

China’s top prosecutor Cao Jianming says preventing wrongful convictions is the biggest task facing China’s legal supervisory body.